What is a Voucher School?

Indiana Choice Qualifications

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Voucher programs expand school choice for families and enable them to choose a school that best fits their child’s unique learning needs. Once a parent chooses a participating voucher school, they’ll work with the school to receive a voucher to help cover the tuition costs. Parents can supplement the voucher with additional funds.

Other Indiana School Choice Options


Education Savings Accounts (ESAs) are government-authorized accounts that families can use to help pay for tuition costs, educational products and services, and more. ESAs are funded with a portion of the income and sales tax revenue allocated for each child’s education.

ESAs help families access the learning services that work best for their child’s education. Parents can use these allocated funds to customize their child’s education. The funds can roll over to help pay for future expenses, including college.

Tax credits

Scholarships may be given to students by a non-profit through a tax credit. Taxpayers, including individuals and businesses, receive tax credits when they donate to a non-profit that provides private school scholarships.

Parents work with the non-profit organization and surrounding schools to find the right fit before receiving a scholarship. States can limit the number of tax credits distributed, affecting the availability and size of the scholarships awarded.


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